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Pageflakes 2.0, the new version of the popular personalized startpage, is now live. The biggest buy osrs gold change is a fresh, appealing design that's a hundred times better than the previous one the interface was always Pageflakes' biggest downside, and this was a much needed improvement. They've also created a neat walkthrough that helps you populate your page when you sign up, allowing you to choose which elements are included by default. Don't like the header color? You can change that, too, with six possible color options.
In addition, intelligence agency chiefs testified before Congress this morning, and they refused to say on the record whether President Donald Trump asked them to end their investigation into possible links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Plus, James Comey will be testifying before Congress on Thursday morning in a highly anticipated hearing.
Every night, they perform their hits for a galaxy of fans. Like clockwork, following any performance, the internet is flooded with clips of the Queen (and her husband, too) performing a classic bop or climbing down an emergency ladder. Some days a joint album might appear online (surprise!), while other days it's the simple yet powerful blessing of new photos on Instagram.
We incredibly grateful to our creative teams and they keep delivering. The reason they deliver is that our strategy is to make the best entertainment. We are focused on being the most creative, the most efficient, and the most innovative company in the entertainment business. We don always succeed but that what we aim to do every day. We really happy with how NBA 2K is doing and by the way, we happy with how (our competitor) Fortnite is doing. Hits are good for the marketplace.
Last night on "Piers Morgan Live," radio host Tom Joyner came to the defense of Zimmerman trial witness Rachel Jeantel, and following her candid interview with Piers Morgan on Monday, she continues to face intense national scrutiny. Criticism of Jeantel's education, cultural background, and understanding of generational norms have left some people questioning her credibility and societal values. One of those to recently voice criticism is Rush Limbaugh, as the right wing radio personality misconstrued Jeantel's statements, in the process deeming it okay for him to use the word:
Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated set up, he wrote. completely support him. users were quick to resurface clips of others, including Donald Trump Jr, being referred to as on CNN even by a guest on Cuomo own show.Devin Nunes was referred to as "Fredo" on CNN in March.
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